Menzner Hardwoods Products

Menzner Hardwoods

Category: Lumber/Engineered/Wood
Menzner Hardwoods
Subcategory: Boards
Type: S4S Boards

These surfaced-4-sides boards (S4S) from Menzner Hardwoods can be used for any application - as baseboards, shelving or mantels, for example. S4S boards also come in veneered form or as primed poplar.

Category: Moulding & Millwork
Menzner Hardwoods
Subcategory: Balustrade Systems, Decorative Accents, Moulding, Stair Systems, Railings & Parts, Trim

Moulding are the details that give character to walls. With diverse accents from Menzner Hardwoods, you are free to enhance, add on to, or finish off your moulding details.